Situated on a small mountain ridge in Waldenburg, Germany, House P by Philipp Architekten is a 313 square meter residence showcasing a highly contemporary architecture approach. According to the architects, in order to fuse the building with its natural landscape, “the cube of the main house was completely glazed with frameless windows. This way the residents enjoy both the sun and the 80-kilometres distant view“. From the landscaped garden to the strict geometry and spacious interiors, it is clear that minimalism was assigned as the defining path for the project.

An interesting design addition takes center stage indoors: “There is a cube placed in this glass box as a key element, completely paneled with Elm Wood. It contains both the kitchen and staircase and at the same time it forms the static backbone for the attic placed on it“. The bedrooms are located on the top floor, with unobstructed views to neighboring valley.