Located in Salzburg, Austria, House H is a project designed by Smartvoll Architekten ZT KG  and defined in 2010. The irregular-shaped house is structured on two levels. The house’s exterior boasts three different types of materials, an interesting blend of wood, steel and concrete. The house sports a very modern design and it features floor-to-ceiling windows.”House H is all through smartvoll: not only the building itself was designed by us but also the details of the inside space. Natural light in all rooms, fluent room transitions, the entanglement of bathroom and sleeping-area, staged outlooks at nature, a floating carportroof – these characteristics distinguish this project and make it smartvoll.”

Reflecting the exterior’s geometrical approach, the interior living space displays a series of irregular-shaped furniture items. The furniture is luscious, all-white and playful. The solid wood floors add a sense of warmth. From the upper floor one can enjoy wonderful views of the hills surrounding the house and recharge himself with fresh energy. The story of the house’s shape is simple: there are no perfectly-shaped elements in nature. Therefore, the living environment should also follow this line and reflect the natural shapes. Otherwise, the contrast would be too strong.