The introduction of the Slot Table marks AMAC’s first venture into furniture. Inspired by the clean, square design of classic M Series boxes, this versatile acrylic side table is as functional as it is beautiful. Its transparency gives the Slot Table an unexpected lightness, while the reflective nature of the acrylic brightens a room without overpowering it.

But it’s the “slot” part of the table that sets this piece apart, providing a functional space to keep reading material close at hand or to showcase your most important literature. The table (designed by Eric Pfeiffer) can be used with the slot facing up, or turned on its side for horizontal storage. Its size (14.5” x 15” x 18”)makes it a perfect addition for a modern interior with a twist. This is what we call an example of inspiring simplicity!  [Photos and information provided via e-mail by AMAC1960]