Located nearby the Walgau and Rätikon mountains in Austria, this contemporary house designed by Aicher Ziviltechniker GmbH is a place where serenity reigns. Away from the city rush, this splash of modern architecture nestled in the idyllic site of Vorarlberg exudes tranquility, emphasising the values of a relaxed lifestyle. It is said that the people living in gracious harmony with the environment are the happiest. Our House Gulm is therefore, a shelter of happiness. The house is located close to the forest, so whenever you feel like you need to recharge your batteries or clear your thoughts, you can simply go for a walk and listen to the nature’s blissful symphony.

House Gulm is structured on two levels, it features floor-to-ceiling windows and oak furniture. “Heart of the house is the entrance hall with the two-storey rammed earth wall. The horizontal layer structure and the narrow vertical slits are typical features of this wall sculpture. Even the floor of the hall was made of loam. On the ground floor there are the garage, the foyer, living room, dining room and the kitchen.” The first floor accommodates the more private areas, such as the bedrooms and the bathrooms. The interior is stylish and bright, uncluttered and flooded by the sun’s light and warmth.