Based on the concept of “less is more”, mode:lina office designed Beam&Block House, a modern 140 sqm house in Pozna?, Poland displaying clever design solutions. Scandinavian style, clients’ favorite, is represented by materials like raw concrete and wood. White and dark grey shades with ubiquitous energetic yellow color add to the mix. Paintings, designer furniture and accessories take the center stage, as the owners made it clear they wanted a home that reflected their artistic personalities: “We don’t want the whole room to be about TV. We have some books, some albums also, it would be nice to expose them. Fireplace same as TV – we want it but it should be discreet.” Living room space was once again dictated by a minimalistic attitude..

The space under the stairs was maximized – there’s even a dog house! Sliding doors and their mirror surface offer the illusion of a generously-sized room. An island was a dream for the kitchen area – it is perfect for the owners’ quick meals: “During working days our breakfast is ultra fast (She doesn’t eat anything, he eats while leaving house). We celebrate weekend meals, that’s why we need a big dining table.” Bedroom is connected with wardrobe. Again, raw materials and gray shades are combined with energetic yellow color, matching the ground floor. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by mode:lina office]