A relaxed environment has the power to influence your mood in a positive way. If the house you live in exhales tranquility and relaxation, if it makes you feel comfortable and blissful, if it looks bright, uncluttered and lively, then that house is a true home, warm and welcoming and no matter where you end up going, you will always remember it as that special enchanting place “enclosed in your heart” that has the power makes you magically feel absolutely and utterly free and happy. Merricks House was at the beginning a property located in Merricks North near Melbourne, Australia, bought by a young couple with two children. Their intention was to demolish the old dull dwelling and build a new, warm and inspiring home, with enough room for their family to grow and enjoy through the generations. The project was presented to Robson Rak Architects.

The architects managed to come up with an interesting idea. “The initial brief for the house was for a simple rectangular box with symmetrical spaces. The objective being for the creation of order and symmetry to simplify ones life. We convinced the clients that by breaking up this rectangular boxed plan we could create more interesting spaces that offered the order and quiet the client desired but also created a dynamic building which also offered surprising little retreats such as the window seat next to the fireplace.” The residence became a lively home, boasting dynamic, neat and stylish spaces. It was divided in three different areas (the parents zone, the central zone and the children zone). To complete the décor and create a unitary home environment strongly connected to the outdoors, the architects used natural materials such as wood, limestone and marble.