Studio Jendretzki completed a full renovation of a mid-century residence initially envisioned by architect Hal Levitt. Located in Beverly Hills, LA, the house (discovered by Freshome on Design Milk) has a very modern appearance throughout and a great level of openness. Most of the partitions of the initial project were replaced in order to create an optimum indoor-outdoor connection and the swimming pool was reconfigured to better follow the house.

With the help of sliding glass doors, the living room can be extended towards the pool deck. The social zone is visually delimited through dividing walls serving either as bookshelves or fireplace & TV stand. The wood flooring adds an inviting feeling throughout. All interior decorations spell out “modern”, while also exhibiting personality. Lighting is ensured by numerous spots in the ceiling which at night are “joined” by the fiber-optic starts in the swimming pool.