One Workplace is an ambitious project, shaped and defined by the multi-disciplinary design lab, Design Blitz in Santa Clara, California. The design studio worked so far with various technology companies located in  Silicon Valley, delivering some of the most ingenious and creative workspaces you’ve ever seen. Being the largest furniture dealer in Northern California and and the single source for Steelcase furniture in the San Francisco Bay Area, One Workplace had also to stand out, yet integrate seamlessly into the industrial landscape of the city. The brief was to create a neat, creative workspace, a layered environment, characterised by the use of  client-friendly technologies, transparence and playfulness. 

“The project consists of 35,000 square feet of office/showroom/workspace with an adjacent 180,000 square foot warehouse (warehouse improvements were completed separately). In addition to the warehouse, the site also included an existing 10,000 square foot stand-alone, mid-century office building layered with many years of dated tenant improvements.” The project, with its redefined design plays a key role in the urban regeneration of the city. The new look (design) celebrates the industrial history of the site, without reshaping it in a disruptive manner or putting it into a different light. One Workspace looks a little bit raw and simplistic on the outside, having the name of the company engraved on the façade, but very youthful and innovative on the inside. Both, the architecture and the furniture, encourage an emotional connection by the customers. The environment is also very healthy for the employees, due to the comfortable, soft seatings, the coffee and lounge areas, where they can go and have a break whenever they feel like and last but not least, the colourful work environment (encouraging productivity and the creative flow).