Alex Hull envisioned a leather and suede sofa for Gallery Fumi as part of its exhibit at art and design fair PAD London 2012. Earlier this 2013, the designer also created the Split Chair, which perfectly adds up to the furniture series. The pieces are dynamic, interesting to observe from every standpoint and particularly elegant.

The concept that stood at the basis of the project is described by the designer as follows: “A balancing, visually light organic structure was inspired by the wave’s movement and the composite surfboard construction. Continuous leather form splits open to reveal a more delicate and tactile suede interior, as if it has been torn apart. The asymmetrical sofa bends and curves, echoing and hugging the human body, allowing its occupier to sit or lie down in it, using the outstretched arm as a chaise longue head rest”. Any personal thoughts you would like to share on this creative furniture combo?