Peter Cohan completed the design of Cedar Park House, a gorgeous two-story residence, in Seattle, Washington. Breezy and bright, the relaxing home features an open space living room. The house was built to meet the needs of the clients, who wanted a stress-free living environment, strongly connected to the outdoors. The house opens up to the courtyard, where the owners can enjoy blissfully the natural surroundings.

“The Cedar Park responds directly to the predicament posed by the site – that its most desirable location is also its most fragile. The building is formed by the interaction of site-cast concrete walls and water-collecting roofs. At the same time the transparency of the house creates a seamless spatial experience, connecting inside and out.” Concrete meets wood, creating a wonderful modern and (rustic) organic home. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the interior and create that perfect serene home ambience. The interior feels uncluttered and relaxed, offering to the owners freedom of movement and peace of mind. The living room boasts a wonderful fireplace and favours a stunning view over the bay.