Our idea of a comfy home is generally not correlated with massive space-ships. Probably why this star-shaped contemporary residence developed by Charles Wright Architects on the edge of the FNQ beachfront rainforest in Astralia made an impression. According to the architects, the aim of the project was “not to simply produce an engineered outcome but produce a building which made the most of the sites natural amenity and re-introduced the surrounding native wetland environment. The building is literally reflected by way of its siting over an engineered water ecosystem which was the result of lengthy liaison & collaboration with National Parks, Environmental Agencies, State and Local Government“.

The cantilevered shape of the Stamp House (initially discovered by Freshome on Arch Daily) is a creative method of mitigating impact from potential flooding. The entire building was constructing by using a combination of in-situ and precast concrete. Solar panels on the roof provide a comfortable temperature all year long.