Energy efficiency is one of the main attributes of this imposing public school built on a challenging lot in Los Angeles County, USA. The masterminds at Brooks + Scarpa took after the similarly situated schools of Curtis and Davis in New Orleans and created a place for learning that feels comfortable, while also setting an example for alternative energy use. No less than 650 solar panels were used to clad the south facade, providing 75% of the building’s energy needs.

An array of creative approaches rule out the idea of conventional when it comes to this project:”A landscaped courtyard with multifunctional bleacher terracing flows into the open-air covered lobby and the multilayered paseo, lending the school the appeal of a collegiate campus and offering significant environmental benefits—improving day lighting and access to fresh air both inside and out—while providing substantial cost savings by limiting artificial lighting and thermal conditioning to the smaller enclosed space“. [Photography: John Linden]