We all know that when we arrive at home, after a hectic day at the office, all we want is to disconnect from the urban jungle and deeply sink into a dreamy state of mind, in an environment that has the power to keep us away from stress. Usually, people forget about this “feature” when choosing their homes and they end up waiting for the weekend, in order to escape somewhere, exploring the wonders of nature. The thing we are not aware of is that  the perfect living environment implies permanent relaxation. With this idea in their heads, the masterminds from Beef Architecture designed the stunning Riverpark Apartment in Bratislava. The concept behind the living space is simple: less glitz, more style and that “natural environment” kind of feeling, emphasising that there is life after office.

The apartment displays a certain rawness, as a result of the (excessive) use of wood. As you explore the interior, you notice that the warm”café au lait” accents and the wooden furniture create a bright, yet tranquil atmosphere. Textures, colours and materials can definitely transform a place. The kitchen, the dinning area and the living room are perceived as one unique spacious room, enhancing the feeling of breeziness, openness and relaxation. Remember: busy cities can be relaxing. As long as you choose the right home.