It’s not an easy job to complement a historic setting. In order to make something blend with the décor, one needs to observe the dynamics of the place. When  a family from Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia contacted Nic Owen Architects, the studio immediately responded positively. Such a project was definitely thrilling. Now, let me tell you why. To renew an old terrace, extend the existing space and built a modern home, while respecting the restrictions imposed by the historic Victorian neighbourhood, is like taking something, from trivial to spectacular. 

The brief was to create “a larger house with a bright and airy feel to cater for their growing family”. Moreover, the clients requested for a better dialogue between the interior and the exterior (in this particular case, their rear yard). They also wanted to enjoy the benefits of a spacious, lovely new home, characterised by warmth and luminosity.  The team of architects managed to mix harmonically the two different styles, the old and the new, without creating a sharp contrast. “The site is in a tight planning area with strict heritage controls, street and side views were of a heightened historic consideration.”  A more spacious living space, implied a 1st floor extension (accommodating a master bedroom and a private balcony that overlooks the neighbourhood street).