Meet the latest contemporary residence designed by Lubelso, the award-winning business within the Canny group, the leading builder of custom designed homes in Melbourne. “The home sits perfectly in the modern urban landscape and combines sophisticated looks with cutting-edge building technology, materials and systems, including a Bose sound system, Airphone audio-video intercom and alarm system.”  Located  in one of the enchanting suburbs of Melbourne (Malvern), the residence boasts transparence and breeziness, giving you the feeling that you have just stepped inside a bright and relaxed vacation home.

The house is simply gorgeous: it features warm oak flooring, a spacious terrace with a view over the infinity pool, neutral colours and a blissful sense of space. Sometimes, after a hectic day spent at the office, a breezy and bright home is all you need to “recover from the trauma” and recharge your batteries. When we suggested that space was not a problem, we really meant it! Malvern House accommodates three living areas, four bedrooms, a study area and two garages. Oriented towards sustainable design and energy saving, the house was built with materials that keep it warm in the winter and cool during the hot summer days.