Yovo Bozhinovski of BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN sent us captures of a private home in Bulgaria covering an area of 80 square meters. The team was responsible for designing the living room and one of the bedrooms: “We have aimed to give the space a more contemporary appeal and to create a warm, cozy atmosphere . We have designed the living room to be strongly zoned. The dining table- a natural extension of the couch- unites the space having both a social and aesthetic function.

We have used wire rope to secure the end of the table, achieving stability of the table-top and visual lightness in that part of the interior. In order to unify the interior space we decided to combine the table, sofa and units in a design which flows along the wall. We have used black, white and various shades of grey so that the design has clear impact, using copper sheets as futuristic forms to emphasize the wall with the TV and make the room look cozier”. The project was especially developed for young couples with a taste for highly modern interiors.