Especially designed to fit the needs of a broad variety of homeowner personalities, JKC2 House in Bukit Timah, Singapore exhibits three distinct wings, connected only through their similar visual identity. The residence was recently completed by International firm ONG&ONG and showcases an imposing and dynamic architecture. All the three volumes encircle a lovely garden and are reflected by the generous swimming pool on the property.

The exterior finishes speak a little of the project’s character: “A balance is struck between the man-made spaces and the natural ones, with the building formed from basic elemental shapes with raw-finished materials, such as fair-faced concrete, stone, mild steel, tropical wood and clear glass. The dialogue between the components of this palette reflects a sense of warmth and immediacy with nature.”,, explained the architects. Texture diversity is taken further indoors, contributing to an overall welcoming feel. Find the design and layout of this property practical?