The idea that generated the design of this House in South-Western Australia was to achieve a reflection of the surrounding landscapes through materials and living spaces evoking openness: “the project displays the paired ideas of meandering and built formality, reflecting the relationship between the natural contours of bushland (emblematic of the site’s iconic Margaret River view, with its rolling river headland) and the crisp horizontal nature of the ocean beyond”, explained the creative team at Tierra Design.

Functionally separated in two building wings by a central courtyard, the residence provides the opportunity of two families living together. White canopies shelter the volumes, adding an interesting effect to the overall exterior design composition: “The rooves are transformed from a gesture at entry to expansive planes, echoing the breadth of landscape beyond. The ceilings become a floating island contrasting with the olive backdrop of bush”. Timber screens and stone walls further contribute to the project’s well defined modern personality.