The ingenious organic shapes displayed by the Don Café House in Pristina, Kosovo make this project stand out. The creative team at Innarch wanted to develop a space that would reinterpret the idea of a sack filled with coffee grains. It is inspiring how the color palette, furniture, chandeliers and wall design stay true to this idea, ensuring a unique visitor experience.

Once the concept is revealed, the correlations are difficult to miss: “The walls of the bar are organically shaped and colored like coffee sack made up of  Plywood type of wood, whereby the pillars in between are coated with textile coffee sacks. Tables and hanging chandeliers represent the coffee grains lined up asymmetrically in order to generate the impression of being inside a coffee sack“. Special seating is provided by the lower part of an organic-shaped wall, an original element with an important functional and decorative role. I personally enjoy the feeling of sensory overload in the photos below, at least enough to want to discover the place live.