The first striking feature of M2 House in Bozen, Italy is that it accommodates two apartments on separate floors. Envisioned by monovolume architecture + design, the residence has an imposing exterior look, with one facade hiding it away from the access road, while the other opening each of its rooms to the swimming pool and landscape beyond. Thick overhanging roofs protect the two “cribs” against extreme weather conditions and the roof of the upper level has an integrated photo-voltaic system.

Each of the two apartments has direct access to the underground garage and swimming pool area. The connection is provided by both interior and exterior staircases, with a design perfectly integrated in the overall scheme of the house. The interiors are minimalist, with predominant white color finishes giving away the feeling of spacious rooms. Natural lighting and extensive views are some of the strongest assets of the building. [Photographs: M&H Photostudio]