The Fairhaven Residence, located in Victoria, Australia, overlooks the Great Ocean Road, offering some of the best panoramic views. Beautiful and breathtaking, the spot is very romantic and relaxing. The project was defined by John Wardle Architects, in order to unveil a space that compliments the nature. Very modern and wrapped in green-grey zinc cladding, the Fairhaven Residence frames the inhabitable space and gives it personality. “The spatial journey through the house from arrival to view is choreographed to increase anticipation before reaching the main living space. As you step beneath a cantilevered study into a dramatic vertical entry space, you become acutely aware of a number of twists and folds along its length that make the transformation into horizontal living space.”

The interior is neat and cozy, in contrast with the cladded exterior facade. Using timber as main décor material, everything looks rather warm and home-like. Floor-to-ceiling windows enhance the feeling of transparence and freedom throughout the house. The abundance of folds and twists transform you, the regular inhabitant, into a wanderer. Exploring the corners of this house is like an interesting journey that ends up offering you the most thrilling view over the ocean through cinematic proportion windows.