Most of the times, sophistication is the result of good design combined with personality. A client’s personality must be reflected in every décor item that embellishes the home, creating a neat space, where dreams meet comfort. Every home is different and these differences make them unique and most of the times, wonderful. Wallace Ridge is one of those luxury residences that take your breath away and make you think about the fact that you want a home that reflects your tastes, your personality, your lifestyle. The Wallace Ridge was recently completed by Whipple Russell Architects in Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills, California. It “comes equipped” with a staggering terrace view over the city’s skyline and it emphasises a strong character. 

The house’s structure is embedded in the mountain, offering direct access to the woods, through a simple metallic staircase. You’re instantly on the top of the house, on the terrace and from there, from “the top of the world” you see  both, the natural wonders (the woods) and those made by man (the skyscrapers).  “The entire core of the house was redesigned to feature an open plan, high ceilings and a sleek flat roof. The front door, flanked by large glass panels, opens to a wide entry and provides an open sight line across the living area, though 12ft glass walls and 8ft glass sliding pocket doors, to the patio and pool. Rooms are minimally defined using tall panels, custom stained in a rich coffee bean brown that contrast with the light walls.”