Redesign, the Croatian design studio has recently presented its latest work, a multifunctional sofa, called Pil-low. Undoubtably, Pil-low is a sofa that combines three essential aspects of comfort. It wonderfully brings together special attributes, such as the comfort of a pillow, the benefits of an ergonomic seat and the relaxation provided by a bed. With a creative name, that anticipates the various transformation possibilities, Pi-low is the type of item that doesn’t need additional decorative pillows because it already provides “all the comfort in the world”. 

Pil-low is very adjustable: you can instantly transform it into “your very comfortable work office” or you can easily enable its bed function. If you open it, a storage space becomes available. With its cheerful red metallic support, that creates a strong contrast, the neutral grey sofa is a modern piece of décor. It can completely transform a chamber’s ambience through its simple presence. Respecting the studio’s design policy, Pil-low is a modular, multifunctional, rational ecological responsible piece of furniture. Do you find it interesting? What exactly do you like about it?