Reflecting the beautiful surroundings, the Country Hill residence, located in Austin, Texas is the pure expression of elegance and refinement. Spacious, sophisticated and with an amazing view, the house enhances the feeling of well-being. Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction managed to create an exquisite décor, showcasing that when it comes to a project of such importance, design has to be nothing but timeless and classic. A couple of trees, lush turf and a small mini golf course create a relaxed ambience.

A wonderful knitted combination of rural and urban styles can be seen as soon as you step inside the mansion. Wooden beams and floors, bluestone walls, raw bricks and some shabby chic pieces of furniture (with an unpolished look) create the enchanting atmosphere of a fairytale. Bursts of royal blue, purple and high class materials (such as velvet) inspire the idea that you’ve just entered into a luxurious home sprinkled with a strong personality. What it’s really interesting is the way the architects chose to adorn the space with typography (French small boutique names) that often give you the feeling that you are wandering on the streets of Provence, even though you are just exploring the Country Hill’s spacious kitchen. The house is neat, rich – a place that inspires freshness and sophistication.