Sustainability started to become a major issue these days. A home has to be energy efficient and made of eco-friendly materials in order to give you that “green state of mind”. In order to celebrate the awareness that a sustainable home means a planet less polluted, we are presenting you an interesting project, developed by the Scandinavian designer, Heidi Mendoza, owner of RE.DZINE. Green Cube Show Home, located in Denver, Colorado is one of her finest residential projects. She managed to combine brilliantly tastes and different lifestyles in order to obtain a tailor-made modern design solution.

The structure features strong architectural shapes (a cube) that adds a touch of colour  and volume. The staircase that connects the floors is made of glass and steel, allowing transparence. At the end of the staircase, there’s the top of the house. A beautiful terrace welcomes you with a delightful view over the city’s skyline. The spot is absolutely perfect for a romantic brunch in two or for bringing your ideas together. The Green Cube got the  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certificate.