Horst Architects , the Californian architectural studio renewed this neat interior of a two-storey apartment located in Corona del Mar (translated as “Crown of the Sea”), Newport Beach, California. The major problem was the lack of space, so the architects had to find a good design idea in order to implement it and deliver a home that accommodates an office, along with the intimate familial space. The ordinary windows have been replaced with frameless glass. They created a warm and transparent ambience, giving a different perspective upon the spatial transition. “Windows are positioned to embrace the view of the harbor, while second skin systems such as wood shutters mediate the late afternoon sun and provide privacy”. 

Along with the luxurious living space elegantly decorated, the lucky owner wakes up in the morning with a staggering view over the bay. The panoramic windows allow a smooth light penetration creating a breezy and relaxed interior. As a consequence, a strong connection between the two environments is created through this. Tiled marble is integrated into the walls creating a precious interior. In the evening, the atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking and romantic especially if you light up the fireplace.