Creating a deliberate contrast in form and color with the surrounding neighborhood buildings, the Hewlett Street House envisioned by MPR Design Group draws attention instantly. Located in Bronte Beach, Australia, the original family house is said to explore the notion of prospect and refuge: “The prospect were the constantly changing beach and coast views to the south of the site. The refuge was the other contrasting character where we created introspective spaces that provide a sense of sanctuary and enclosure“, the architects explained.

From afar, the house resembles a large nest, composed of two sculptured concrete pierced boxes, allowing a large degree of openness. The upper volume  was oriented towards the beach views, while the lower one faces to the street.  A total of three levels make up the house, with the living areas located above and the bottom two floors hosting the bedrooms and other refuge areas. The unusual geometry intermediates a visual play of light and shades, while also ensuring natural ventilation.