With two distinct volumes visually separating the public and private spaces, the Studio House in Wenzenbach, Germany is interesting to observe from a variety of standpoints. The residence was developed by German architectural firm fabi architekten bda and was cleverly adapted to an uneven terrain. Partially hidden from the street, the house seems to follow the topography of the hillside, descending in spectacular modern lines.

The aim was to create “a home like an archetype. As a prelude to the castle “Schönberg” from the 12th century at the Wehrgraben, on the site of a former guard house. The house consists of two building volumes: one homogeneous, black saddle roof building lying turned and cantilevered on a white flat roof box”. The upper volume accommodates the social area, a generously-sized interior for  working, thinking, talking, eating, celebrating, relaxing. Below is where the bedrooms are located, offering the lucky inhabitants extensive forest views.