The tasteful Scandinavian design strikes again! Alvhem Makleri & Interior presents another gorgeous Gothenburg small, all-white apartment, integrating personalized elements to create the perfect simple living space, for those who seek tranquility and a relaxed lifestyle. Like other Scandinavian homes, this apartment showcases a variety of decorations in order to make the spot cosier and more personal. Despite the abundance of white (walls, floors and furniture), the place is  neither cold nor unexpressive. It is rather luminous. Spreading over 41 square meters, the beauty of it consists in mixing personal memories stiffed in boxes, plants, candles, carpets and books.

With a small balcony to enjoy a relaxing morning, this coquette white apartment in the picturesque city of Gothenburg tells a story of its own. You’ve got a breathtaking view over the river and you can also enjoy the urban landscape. The interior blends with the exterior (a small coquette neighbourhood, relaxed and bohemian). In case you are looking for an apartment in a town where disconnecting from the urban chaos is not impossible, this could be it! You can contact the agency responsible  with the sale (Alvhem Makleri & Interior) and find out more information about Gothenburg and its surroundings!  In a world that spins fast, honestly, what could be more pleasant than waking up in a place like this?