Different from every stand point, Promenade Residence in Queensland, Australia has many inspiring features for the ones looking to build their own modern opulent retreat. BGD Architects aimed at developing a home balancing private spaces with maximized vies of the Surfers Paradise skyline: “The approach to the house, presents a structured and grounded design, balanced by the delicate screen pattern and soft landscaping. Steel screens wrap the first floor bedrooms providing a veil for the bedroom spaces within“.

The facade facing the street is relatively simple and shut, while the opposite opens up towards the sea, displaying striking features. According to the designers, “a major design feature was the inclusion of a luxury two story space to the waterfront edge with custom double story sliding doors. Each layer of glazing and the waterfront screens can be pulled back almost out of sight to allow the house to breath effortlessly all day long. Louvered glazing has been utilized throughout the home to promote cross ventilation via natural breezes“. The interiors are diverse and spectacular, with a double-height living room acting as the core of the project.