The Canterbury Residence, designed by Canny is a graceful contemporary home, inspired by the summer breeze and sun. Let’s start with the terrace. Two words to describe it: absolutely stunning! Perceived as a floating wooden “island”, “lost” in the middle of the swimming pool, the terrace is a gorgeous place to sit and enjoy your lemonade on a hot summer day or to relax and listen to the whisper of nature, at dawn. “The fully-tiled pool with granite stepping stones marries in beautifully with the stonework of the adjacent alfresco area; and the spotted gum decking flows from the polished floorboards of the main living area to provide an inviting exterior island oasis”. 

The residence is characterised by transparence and breeziness. Most of the walls were replaced by sliding windows, bringing more light and more of the “outside” inside the house. Very spacious (with 4 bedrooms and 4 living areas), the Canterbury Residence is definitely a good place to live and feel the summer (thrill). Neat, elegant and more than casual,  this is the ultimate dream house for those who dream of a carefree lifestyle.