This modern home in Norway, called the Cabin GJ-9 was designed by Gudmundur Jonsson Architect and it emphasises the beauty of the surrounding rocky landscape. The inhabitants are one step closer to the nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying a stress-free environment. The project aims to rediscover the simple things in life such as a staggering view over the lake while drinking your morning coffee or a walk in the dusk, after a hectic week day. The Cabin is located in Bjergøy, a wonderful and relaxing place, where time does not exist and where a strong connection with the nature is all you need to find inner piece.

The house is rather a cozy shelter for your senses. It is warm and stylish, rich in details and decorations. Floor to ceiling windows allow a good light penetration and moreover allow the nature to slip inside. The core of the living room is a fireplace that creates a romantic atmosphere, for cold nights and snowy days. The house is entirely made of wood and stone (natural materials). “The pavilion concept is emphasized by the large roof that is as well giving shelter for the terrace during rainy days. The large roof has simultaneously the purpose of giving the impression that the Cabins space is bigger experienced from the inside. The terrace and the roof make a unity and extend the space with the glazed facade and the sliding doors.”