Presented to us by Welcome Beyond, Flattered is a mix between a small hotel and a private apartment rental, located in the historical city of Porto. The project features 5 modern apartments in a building featuring a mix of vintage furniture and illustrations by up-and-coming Portuguese artists adorning the walls. All apartments were open spaces originally and the idea was to have the flexibility to accept more than two people in each apartment, basically offering an extra bed without intruding into the space.

The solution was to install wooden boxes that are a little higher than the floor, with a drawer bed that is concealed underneath and can be pulled out. According to the owner of the unusual apartments, Flattered is an attempt to create something cozy and warm, different from the hotel chains. A place where people can feel at home, yet at the same time they can experience cool design. The apartments are fully equipped to be self-catering. They have kitchens with all the appliances one needs as well as unique items that aren’t standard. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Welcome Beyond]