Located in Eugene, Oregon, the 1151 Crenshaw residence is a wonderful way to express a unique blend of styles. By mixing rustic elements with modern design lines, Jordan Iverson Signature Homes  studio has done a wonderful job in defining an eclectic style for this particular home. The house accommodates three outdoor decks overlooking endless views and a roof terrace, for evenings filled with tranquility. One can admire the sun at dusk and watch how the entire world gently enters a different state of mind on the field of dreams. The 1151 Crenshaw is a comfortable living space, with brilliant view and exquisite cedar furniture.

A fusion of tradition and contemporary aims to create a unique atmosphere. Cozy and warm, the interior is flooded by the fireplace’s warm light and the cedar flooring. The serene sunlight strikes right into the master bedroom’s windows, without being too edgy. It’s like the gentle touch of spring tickles your mornings, no matter the season. An open flame (surrounded by glass) represents the core of the living room. Lights hang from the ceiling, remind us of that enchanting Scandinavian atmosphere. The 1151 residence is a fine example that steel and wood (eventually) work well together (just take a look at the façade). How do you find this eclectic concept?