Big and Small House is a project designed by Anonymous Architects in Los Angeles, on a hillside. The house, looking like a robust box, despite its small appearance, is quite spacious. The architects chose not to divide the space in rooms but to create a comfortable feeling of breeziness, embracing the lack of boundaries. We’ve got one main floor that accommodates the kitchen, the dining area and the living room, without making you feel swallowed by the cluttered space.

The upper floor is dedicated to the master bedroom. The surprise element is “the hole in the ceiling”, perceived as a windows that connects you to the celestial environment. You can enjoy spectacular views, just like when you lay on the grass and watch the ¬†shimmering stars. The house is not settled on a plain lot of ground, which provides different levels of heights throughout the house. “The free plan of the site mirrors the free plan of the house because the house does not actually touch the ground – givng full access to enjoy the garden and the views outside the house”, except the garage and the¬†entrance itself.