CasasNaAreia is a gorgeous holiday retreat based on the transformation of old masonry buildings into new, contemporary structures. The property with 4 double bedrooms is about the experience of living almost in an extension of the natural environment, especially when in the kitchen/dining area – which is laid out with a carpet of fine sand. One of the two wooden volumes was converted into a two-bedroom pavilion and the other is employed for common and social areas.

Surrounded by rice paddies and umbrella pine forest, CasasNaAreia looks out onto the Sado estuary, famous for its stunning sunsets, salt pans, flamingos and flocks of dolphins. The beach is just 5 minutes away by car or 20 minutes by bicycle. “It’s the tranquility around CasasNaAreia, the scenery and peace. When people are there and walk on the sandy floors, they’re not able to walk as fast as on normal ground, so it winds them down.”[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Welcome Beyond; Photographer: Nelson Garrido]