If you ever wondered how art and literature can contribute to the design of a modern apartment, here is a live example. Apartment F5 was especially envisioned by Fleitz Group Identity Architects to accommodate the extensive art collection and hundreds of books belonging to an older couple living in Stuttgart, Germany. The result is elegant and visually intriguing- a youthful space, enhanced by color and creativity.

The main hallway is adorned with floor-to-ceiling bookcases divided by flush-mounted doors, which give away the feel of walking through a museum gallery or genuine library. According to the architects’ description, “sliding doors crafted from dark wood conceal the entrances to the living and dining area. In the other rooms the display of art works alternates between strictly defined areas, such as on the sliding walls in the study or above the seating corner in the living area, and a playfully free formation”. Shades of beige and green ensure a sober tone, an elegant base for all the “knowledge” this home possesses.