This gorgeous Y-shaped house, located in a small town in Mexico, San Luis Potosí,  is the home of a couple that no longer lives with the children. The residence was envisioned as a space that offers plenty of privacy for the couple that has to get used to the new, less “dynamic” lifestyle. The house is surrounded by a solid brick-wall and it has a small  outdoor jacuzzi, for  relaxation. The entire project was completed  in 2012 by Grupo Volta.

The house is quite spacious and transparent, letting the light sneak inside through floor-to-ceiling windows and also creating a seamless transition between the two environments. A small deck accommodates a terrace, where you can enjoy the sweet taste of morning coffee as the sun starts to flood the interior. Elegant, neat and stylish, the living room is one windows away from the terrace. Adorned with gorgeous metallic bubble-like lamps that hang from the ceiling, this living room is remarkably decorated. The living room occupies one of the house’s corners, receiving light from three sides.