One word to describe the stunning and stylish Breust Residence in Australia: transparency. The house, flooded by light, is a gorgeous mix of sophisticated details, guarded by an infinity pool (also with a transparent structure) on a side and a marvelous garden on the other. The people responsible for accomplishing such a mesmerizing final result are the ones behind  JUO, an Australian, Perth-based design studio.  The living room is structured as a long (and transparent) corridor. The high ceilings and the glass walls create this perfect breezy atmosphere that enhances the feeling of freedom.

The Breust Residence is playful: striking shapes, contrasting materials were used in defining it. The two-story residence is spacious and luminous with incredible high ceilings, exhaling elegance (just take a look at the gorgeous copper-like circular bulbs hanging from the ceiling) but also piece of mind, due to the uncluttered décor. “The full height glazing not only maintains this main living area as an extension of the outdoors – with gardens and water on either side – but also allows for natural cross ventilation to cool the space efficiently and naturally without mechanical intervention or air conditioning. The view of water has been created through the use of glass to the side of the above ground lap pool, mimicking the extent of the volume between the two pavilions.”