Inspirational and recreational, Casa Cubo (the name sais it all) is an (almost) rectangular house, designed by Studio MK27, in the city of Sao Paolo. The uncluttered residence is entirely made of concrete, showcasing contemporary metallic finishings. The ground floor is structured as an open space but the interior can be “hidden” under sliding metallic panels (for an additional amount of privacy). The house is surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, being perfect for spending time to recharge your batteries. It’s like a mini jungle sprinkled with natural zen elements, that makes you forget about the city rush!

There’s also the wooden deck, that gives you a warm feeling of tranquility: it’s like you are sitting nearby the lake, admiring its transparence, without thinking of something specific, but losing your thoughts into its lucid infinity. The asymmetrical openings are adapted to the landscape. The interior is bright and breezy, inviting the nature inside. The splash of natural green can be wonderfully admired from the open space living room or from the terrace. It gets really beautiful in the evening, at dawn, when you can hear the wind whispering while sitting and enjoying a good book. Such a wonderful and neat house! Isn’t it?