Elia Felices Interior Design has developed a new concept for the decoration of commercial areas, hotels, spas, bathrooms and homes with a strongly contemporary style. A combination of creativity and technology has been necessary to define a new category of decorative elements made of glass with holographic effects. Different designs are traced using a marker which takes advantage of the technical properties of LEDs to produce them with the utmost precision. Patterns are built up by sequences of micro-dotting with different formats to give the sensation of depth and relief associated with holograms.

The method produces a very interesting effect in which the light transmits different sensations to the observer depending on the point of view.
The base material is glass, so the image is as clear as possible. The dotting technique also creates variations according to the distance of the observer. The whole is best viewed from a distance where it resembles lacework. The three-dimensional quality gradually emerges as one approaches closer and closer, and the dotted pattern gives way to a sense of weighlessness. This is the concept of the holograph, a technique which produces the optical effect of a three-dimensional image. When the microdots are turned on, the peripheral ambient lighting they provide creates a distinctive environment.

The collection is available in two colour schemes, white or blue. The drawing is equally visible when the light is turned off. The light is stronger where the dots are overlayered, so these points can create constellations of lights. The first collection uses geometric figures. “These elements provide us with the technical and decorative means to satisfy the need for establishing identity within this space.” [Photos and information received via e-mail by Elia Felices Interior Design]