The Flood-Proof House is by far one of the most effective and interesting projects I’ve seen. Designed by the American studio, Peek Ancona based in San Francisco, the Flood-Proof House is more than just a  fascinating project that also looks nice. It is a prototype that can serve people living in areas where floods are an imminent danger. The envisioned house aims to remain intact after a flood or even a tsunami. Now, this is definitely something! The house is built on a metallic structure, adorned with cedar and (easy to dry) bamboo wood.

The house is built taking into account the principles of sustainability, using with thirty percent less materials than a regular “anti-flooding” building. Here is what the architects have to say about this project: “Western Red Cedar “ventilated-wall” façade is a high-tech application using low-tech renewable materials: air is circulated under this cladding, creating additional insulation and a rain screen barrier. The cedar detailing provides an aesthetic complement to the eclectic context of mid-century and rustic Northern California buildings.”  Despite its functional look, the dwelling is very stylish and comfortable. It’s not just for hazard, it’s also for fun and good time. How do you find the design idea?