Casa La Punta by Elías Rizo Arquitectos, located in Punta Mita, Mexico, is the home of an unusual couple, who developed a strong passion for design. Breaking the rules of traditional architecture and exploring the boundaries of freedom, Casa La Punta reflects the couple’s lifestyle: creative and unobstructed. She is a talented interior designer and he is a creative individual with great ideas and good technical creativity. Casa La Punta, their shelter, showcases their sense of style and attention towards details. There’s a wooden path, carrying your steps, from the smooth sandy beach directly to the house. It looks spectacular especially by night when the luscious deck reflects into the moonlight.

The view is absolutely staggering. You’ve got a wooden tub directly to the beach, to soak your body while admiring the dance of waves at dusk. What’s more relaxing than that? Then again, the abundance of pebbles and palms surrounding the  plot induce a certain zen feeling and create a story (the eternal connection of man to the environment). “The project is divided into three modules: the input module contains the service areas as well as a workshop to double height, the main module houses the public and private areas of the house, the third module is an open terrace and very close the sea.”  The terrace is embedded into an giant volumetric structure (that looks like a cube). The material used in defining Casa La Punta are: wood Parota, stainless stell and natural stone. How do you perceive it? Do you imagine yourself living in an exotic home like Casa La Punta?