Looking for a house that looks and “smells” like vacation? The Bluff House, designed by Robert Young, is one of those paradise-like houses, a shelter of inspiration, with incredible views over the Block Island Sound and the Atlantic waters. The client’s request was to integrate the house into the landscape without “stealing” the nature’s glory. The Bluff House spreads on two levels, concentrating on offering some of the most breathtaking scenic images. Inspiring tranquility and order, the residence is like a permanent vacation oasis. The interior is breezy and warm, adorned with wooden furniture and stunning large windows, which capture the authentic perfection of dusks and dawns.

“The basic requirements of each space were considered integrally with the effects of sunlight, breezes and views. The house was conceived as a lens, continually framing and magnifying the subtle changes in the surrounding environment.”  The greatest advantage is definitely the landscape. With a large terrace, a patio and a dreamy view, you cannot get bored when it comes to the Bluff House. It simply complements the nature, enhancing the feeling of belonging in a stress-free environment, surrounded only by the rumour of the waves.