Salvaging the best features of a traditional 1800s house, Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte envisioned a contemporary residence in Chamoson, Switzerland. The genuine rocky surface makes the project perfectly blend in the natural surroundings. According to the architects, “the renovation seeks to maintain and reinforce this character, emphasizing the existing stone structure while using concrete for the parts to be replaced, in order to create a completely mineral feel to the whole”.

Insulating concrete was added to the existing structure, in order to reinforce it. Sustainable feature are also present in the design: “23 m² of solar panels on the roof produce about 35% of the annual heating requirement (heating and hot water). In harmony with the exterior, the interior is formed from unrefined mineral materials, with its natural stone, exposed concrete and polished screed floors”. How would you comment on this renovation process? Would you live in a home like this?