If you are a fan of industrial design, then you will certainly find the Beams Chair (envisioned by Berlin-based Eric and Johnny Design Studio) original and appealing. The lightweight wooden armchair was inspired by the H-beam structure of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and despite its fragile look, it is promised to offer great stability.

According to the designer, the chair is made of three different kinds of wood: bent plywood, multiplex and aircraft plywood: “The strength of the structure of the plywood and multiplex thin sheets is quite strong in one direction, while relatively weak in other direction. By combining the two wood sheets in a way so to offer directional perpendicular wooden structures and to build the H-Beam structure, there are two strong dimensions so the anti-twisting ability and compression strength as well as the stability of the chair are tremendously improved“. Curious on how the product was achieved?- check out the video at the end of the post!