This private residence is the work of Forme D’Arte, in Rome. Contemporary and uplifting, the house is filled with cosmopolite décor details such as avant-garde and pop art paintings, a creative fireplace, stainless steel and glass. The main colours chosen for this décor were velvet royal blue, smooth purple and red. The interior is bright, fresh and young, ideal for someone who is fond of art and good taste, in the middle of the urban landscape. The house spreads on three different floors, so it is quite spacious. What we really like about this house is that it has an emphasised personality.

The glass and the metallic accents confer such a refined contemporary look while the velvet textures remind us of a more classy kind of approach. Impressive when it comes to details, the house is a wonderful place to live. The kitchen is very modern and as Italians are famous for their exquisite cuisine, there’s even a blackboard hanged on the wall, where you can write tasty recipes worth testing. The upper terrace offers a magnificent view and a nice relaxing environment. Bohemian and stylish, this residential project reflects a town full of passion and contrasts.