Meet the contemporary style of some of Melbourne’s finest designers. The work of Robert Mills Architects impresses with the sleekness and the almost sober-contemporary elegance. The perfect blend of black and white creates a strong contrast, emphasising the architecture studio’s choice for luxury chic. It is said that black and white are infallible, therefore the architects played with this combination as much as they liked. Moreover, they added a playful element: the swirly staircase, that somehow breaks the perfect neat, yet sober elegance. At a closer look, the staircase is a sculptural centre piece, a symbol of this gorgeous luxury home.

The project called Verdant Avenue is located in one of Melbourne’s exclusive suburbs, away from the crowded city centre. The glossy terrace and the infinity pool add a note of sophistication to the already impeccable design. The courtyard is filled with lush vegetation, showcasing a refreshing-green environment. “Floor to ceiling glass brings views of a giant pin oak into every room, creating perfect harmony between architecture and landscape.” All in all, it’s about the natural equilibrium every individual seeks for. Now, we are very curious how do you find this project. Please feel free to share with us!