The Z House in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, is an interesting home, with an awkwardly creative structure that “allows” social interaction while maintaining a resonable sense of privacy. The Bruce Stafford Architects, the studio responsible with the execution, envisioned a space that combines harmonically, the need of cozy home elements with the abundance of sunlight and the benefits of nature. The garden, the courtyards, the glazed openings enhance the feeling of peacefulness, emphasising our need to connect to what really recharges our batteries: the nature. The architects say: “Having no expansive external views, the house creates its own vistas and depth of field through the use of permeable spaces which connect to landscape.”

The house is divided in two blocks. On one side, there’s a completely white structure and on the opposite side, a slatted wood cladding rectangular block, which basically is the upper level, where the bedrooms are. The division is marked inside through a long hallway that connects the entrance to the back garden. The open space kitchen, together with the dinning area, have a beautiful view over the swimming pool. The rooms are interconnected – there are only a few doors. The interior transparence maintains a positive atmosphere.