Discover a home dedicated entirely to…wood. A tribute to this precious material that completes the look of a house and has the power to change it completely. Wood is an inspiration and we like wood: the simplicity, the gorgeous decorations, the solid structure. Wood is the natural touch embracing our homes. This apartment located in the Old Town of La Coruña, Spain embraces this particular material and emphasises the sobriety of classic design, somehow reflecting the historic legacy of the town. The apartment was decorated by Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos.

Neat, rich and gorgeous, for those simply adore wood, the apartment is an attempt to increase the liveable space and create the perfect breezy environment. The hallways replace the classic space delimitation. Somehow, the kitchen has a very interesting place in the house’s dynamic. As you sit in the living room, you look at the big block of wood and you see through a transparent glass window, the kitchen’s décor. The architects explained: “The kitchen was moved and linked to the lounge where there was an inner room earlier. This allowed to obtain another bedroom in its place.”  By combining the last line of design with classic accents, you confer quality to the house. This is exactly what the architects did. Do you like the result?